A Guide To The Best Rhinoplasty NYC Procedures Available

Best Rhinoplasty NYC

Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’, is a medical procedure used to improve the appearance of a patient’s nose. While the majority of nose jobs are associated with cosmetic surgery and a desire to increase aesthetic appeal, there are those surgeries performed as a means of correcting the patient’s breathing difficulties through readjustment of the nasal structure. To identify the type of procedure most suitable for your needs, it is recommended that consideration be made regarding the different types of surgeries available. This article will provide information on the best rhinoplasty NYC procedures available.

• The Closed Rhinoplasty

The closed rhinoplasty is one of the best NYC rhinoplasty procedures performed under a local or general anesthesia using intravenous sedation. The medical professional will make incisions during the surgery inside the nose and the procedure will be performed from this area. To correct a breathing difficulty, the surgeon will separate the nose tissue from underlying structures and reshapes the cartilage with the bone. An aesthetic nose job will require building of the cartilage and adjustment of the nasal structure.

Closed rhinoplasty is highly beneficial in that it removes almost all risk of visible scarring and the surgery time is dramatically reduced. Unfortunately, the surgeon is not offered direct access to the nasal structure so there is not much control in terms of reshaping possibilities.

• The Open Rhinoplasty

The open rhinoplasty is another one of the best rhinoplasty NYC procedures, but it is riskier than the closed rhinoplasty option. Similar to the closed alternative, the open rhinoplasty requires the surgeon to make two small incisions at the rim of the nose. Unlike the closed alternative, this nose job surgery allows the surgeon to pull back the skin off the nose and shape the bone and cartilage using direct access.

Despite the open nose job being a riskier option with greater chance of scarring for people with thicker skin or darker complexion, it is beneficial regarding the overall result. By having visualization opportunities, the professional is able to accurately predict the final result and produce a more effective nasal structure adjustment.

• The Natural Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgeons specializing in rhinoplasty are constantly searching for new methods to produce a natural-looking nose that will hold its shape over time. In previous years, patients who have undergone nose jobs tend to appear with a disproportionate result. In these situations, with most noses being too small, the surgeons had removed too much of the nasal structure so when the tissue heals it has nothing to grasp.

Currently, natural rhinoplasty procedures are performed when completing the open rhinoplasty option and preserving as much nasal tissue as possible. Grafts are used to support the nose, open up the breathing canal and minimize as much scarring while avoiding complications.