What are Lollipop 4D Baby Scans

For every expecting mom, every moment is precious. Every
consultation, every test and every scan is a glimpse of the baby’s development. In this era of medical advancements and technology, seeing your unborn baby while it is inside the womb is definitely a surreal moment. It is like holding your baby even before your due date.

One of this medical marvel are the Lollipop 4D baby scans. Although this test is optional, many expectant mums are now taking the test to meet their baby in advance in all its 4D glory.

Lollipop 4D Baby Scans

What is a 4D Ultrasound Test?

A 4D ultrasound test is a way of reproducing a moving image of a
baby right inside the womb. The difference between the 3D scan and a 4D scan is that although both of them uses the 3D images, a 4D scan uses a technique that produces a sequence of 3D images over time, with time being the fourth dimension.

Mums usually find 2D scans to be disappointing because all they can
see are grey and blurry lines. This scan sees right through the organs of the
baby. Therefore, what you are seeing are the images of your baby’s internal

With 3D and 4D organs what you are seeing are the baby’s skin rather
than the internal organs. You will feel elation to see the shape of the nose
and mouth of your baby. In addition, you can see the baby’s movement like
sticking her tongue out or yawning and sucking their thumb.

Both scans are as safe as a 2D scan because the images are produced
with multi-sections of two- dimensional images that are converted into a
picture. Although this test is safe, doctors do not recommend it as the test
means that the baby is exposed to more than one ultrasound that is necessary.

Although some people have notions that the 4D scan as just a
souvenir photo or a recording, 3D and 4D scans are also valuable because they
can provide information about the baby’s abnormality if there is. Because these scans can provide more details about the baby from different angles, it can help the doctor diagnose a cleft lip, for example. With the information that
doctor can prepare the procedure, well in advance.

Another use of 4D scans is to look at the vital organs of the baby
like the heart. This is useful in fetal medicine because fetal heart ailments
are difficult cases and an in-depth look at the organs can help the doctors to
plan for the type of treatment. As a result, 3D scans are a medical necessity.

The 4D scan is not cheap because it uses special transducers and
software required to do the test are expensive. If you consult a doctor, they
will explain to you a few clear medical benefits and they would advise you if
it is really needed. It is not usually included in the insurance so you have to
prepare for it financially to pay a fee.

Lollipop 4D Baby Scans

The best time for a 4D scan is when a pregnant woman is between 26
weeks and 30 weeks pregnant. This is because before 26 weeks the baby is still skinny, they have little fat under the skin and all you can see are bones on
her face. After 30 weeks, the baby’s head is going down the pelvis and it will
be hard to see the face. The best time to get a 4D scan is at 28 weeks because
during this time the placenta is in front of the womb.

Another good position if the baby is lying facing outwards and
surrounded by a pool of amniotic fluid. With this position, you can see the
face clearly. The difficulty in seeing your baby’s face is when she is facing
your back and when the baby has descended into your pelvis. Another difficulty is if the mum has a lot of tummy fat.

Seeing your baby prior to their birth is truly exciting, and if you
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