A Look at the Cigarette Brands Australia Offers

We don’t really need anyone to tell us that smoking is bad for us. Most people recognize the health consequences of smoking, and it can clearly be seen by the numbers. In Australia, 15,000 individuals die on an annual basis and it ends up costing approximately $31 billion in costs. That being said, there are still many people who choose to smoke in Australia, although the numbers have been declining.

Aside from the fact that smoking is bad for you, there are still many people who choose to do so. In fact, the figures for the consumption of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco show that it is still quite a popular habit. In the fourth quarter of 2015, $3.2 billion was spent on tobacco. That is down from over $5 billion in 1959. What are some of the popular cigarette brands Australia has to offer? Here are the top brands and a little information behind them.

Winfield – According to the sales statistics, this is the most popular of the cigarette brands Australia has to offer. It is produced by the British American Tobacco PLC, who has a leading market position in more than 50 countries and can be found in over 180 countries around the world. They have other popular brands, including Lucky Strike, Pall Mall and Kent

John Player Special (JSP) – Another popular cigarette brand is the John Player Special. They are produced by the Imperial Tobacco Group PLC, a company that has its headquarters in Bristol, UK. As far as international tobacco companies are concerned, it is the fourth largest. It is also the largest producer of tobacco papers, cigars and fine cut tobacco. They produce more than 320 billion cigarettes annually in more than 51 worldwide factories.

Longbeach – This popular cigarette in Australia is produced by Phillip Morris International Inc. they are an international organization that sells tobacco more than 180 countries outside of the United States. The most recognized brand is Marlboro, although it is not in the top four cigarettes sold in Australia. They also have a strong presence in the United States.

Peter Jackson – Another cigarette produced by Phillip Morris international Inc., it ranks at number four on the list.

These are some of the top cigarettes sold in Australia. Although the number of cigarette smokers is waning, they still manage to prop up the economy by continuing to light up and buying these brands.