How To Get Started With Egg Donation Manchester

If you want to make some extra money and help people at the same time, you might want to consider becoming an egg donor. With egg donation Manchester, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life and help someone realize their dream of starting a family. Read on to learn more about egg donation.

Donating your eggs allows you to make money and help someone become pregnant. The fee for donating your eggs is very generous and you can do it more than once if you want to. You have to be between 19 and 34 and you can’t smoke or use drugs. You should have a BMI between 19 and 29 and your periods must be regular. You can’t have tattoos or piercings either.

The best way to get started with being an egg donor is to fill out an application with the fertility clinic and set up a meeting to learn more about the process. You will have to fill out a bunch of questionnaires and give your medical history and anything you know about the medical history of your family.

Most fertility clinics will want photos of you when you were a child so they can match you with a couple. When you are matched with a couple you are going to need to start taking injections and other medication to stimulate your egg production. You give yourself the injections at home, but you will usually need to come in for daily appointments to have your blood drawn and have ultrasounds.

Once this process has been completed you will have the eggs retrieved. This involves a minor surgical procedure that takes about twenty minutes to complete. You won’t be awake during the procedure and there isn’t scarring. You get to go home the same day and you can even go back to work the next day.

Donating your eggs can make you money and it helps people have children. You can make money and feel good about the money you make because you know it is going to help someone realize their dream of becoming a parent. Egg donation Manchester will pay you a handsome sum for doing something to help someone else. The amount of money you are going to get makes the injections and egg retrieval more than worth it and you get to help someone have a baby.