What Can Denver Dermatology Do For You?

If you feel proud of your complexion right now, then you’re probably wondering why you should see a dermatologist in the first place. The reality is, of course, that Denver dermatology has so much more to offer than just acne treatments, as dermatologists can help deal with a number of chronic skin conditions and even screen for skin cancer. Additionally, a dermatologist also helps ensure that your skin, nails, and scalp are all healthy. You may not have thought about seeing a dermatologist until this article, but here are some of the problems that they can help you with:

*Help keep chronic skin conditions under control.

Do you suffer from red, flaky or itchy skin? If so, the answer may not always be over-the-counter lotions or creams because you may suffer from a chronic skin condition that has gone undiagnosed. Such conditions can range from eczema to psoriasis, among a number of others that you need the help of Denver dermatology to treat.

*Take care of your skin through cancer screenings.

Shockingly enough, 3.5 million Americans each year are diagnosed with skin cancer. That’s a staggering number when you consider it’s only in the United States alone, but even more shocking is that most of these cases aren’t diagnosed until the advanced stages. Instead of waiting until the last possible moment to get help, visiting a local dermatologist can help put your mind at ease through annual cancer screenings.

*Get help dealing with adult acne.

Most people believe that acne is a skin condition that only affects teenagers, but the fact is millions of adults suffer from acne as well. Adults will often blame their diet or stress for their prolonged blemishes, but the fact is they really do need the help of a professional dermatologist. Only a dermatologist can help minimize the blemishes and eradicate them through properly administered treatments such as antibiotics and topical gels.

*Dermatologists can diagnose nail disorders.

Your nails may look great when painted with nail polish, but the fact is your nails can help detect certain diseases and health conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed. Sure, you recognize that your nails may be discolored or dented a bit due to the abuse you subject them to daily, but they can also be symptoms of something more serious such as liver disease, anemia, and diabetes.

If you’ve never thought of a dermatologist as anything more than someone who deals with acne, you really need to reconsider and schedule an appointment. Dermatology clinics are responsible for helping millions of Americans each year deal with chronic skin conditions, skin cancer, and diagnose potential health conditions through nails.